Here at FUNK OFF, we believe in the importance of clean hands–whether you're outdoors or staring a pandemic in the face... and, you know, the hoarders have wiped the stores clean (no pun intended) of soap and hand sanitizer.

Our activated charcoal hand scrubbers are packaged with surgical-grade bristles specifically designed to Get The Funk Off. These are extremely practical for post-air travel, post-social events, post-day at the office, post-school day, post ANY situation where you just NEED to know your hands are clean. Carry them with you–EVERYWHERE.

To use, just remove the scrubber, add a little water, and scrub away. Use both sides and scrub those nails, wrists, and forearms-just like the docs do. In fact, FUNK OFF is designed and produced by a DOCTOR and an ENGINEER who understand what it takes to get dirty hands clean!
Use code FCOVID19 to take advantage of our significantly discounted pricing. Just click "Add to Cart" and your discount will be automatically applied at check out. 

It’s our contribution to the crisis and the spreading of good hand washing! Stay safe out there and Funk You, Coronavirus!